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  1. Roland Delasse

    Serious question what do you do with the remaining oil for "later on"???

  2. tohtheobbyist

    9:41 shit i'm going crazy help me

  3. Jerry Holzer

    I am working in spain for a few months and now I know what Debil messed up the kitchen in my room before i checked in!

  4. Kaiser Mutsu Tangle

    Boris 'Tries everything to escape from Vadim' Vadim: You can run but you cannot hide from me.

  5. ragargon

    wtf potato cake

  6. Chakra Silaen

    "im doing something with chainsaw" "wow that cool!whata re you doing with the chainsaw?" "cooking"

  7. So-B-It Customs

    Snakes in tracksuits will always be my fav intro song...forever

  8. Oskar Teras

    I was the 1000th dislike

  9. Richard Singh

    I’m having a hardbass day, I already had potato salad

  10. fresman8

    Hey! I'm from Spain, I loved when you said potato cake, jajajaja, next time go to the north, or come to Balearic Islands

  11. Stationary Gaming

    Did you take Bay Leaf with you to Spain?

  12. Postepsyy

    Oh that's my favorite candy

  13. Sandra Curiel

    I was completly lost looking for the anís pancakes since i had never heard of them- theyre supossed to be TORTAS. i was gonna invite you to my house to eat that tortilla but not anymore

  14. Beans Pees

    8:28 People from flint Michigan drinking tap water: 👨‍🍳

  15. Kiari !

    instructions unclear: i put bay leaf in zefir

  16. Jure MP

    Wait Why is your pc walpaper the slovenian flag?

  17. мульт minekraft lord

    HEY Артём.

  18. dreey7

    Hi boris I heard rumors that you are kgb agent, is it true?

  19. JenyT

    Wow new mdness combat character looks lit!

  20. Luke Swanson

    Ah yes Boris, but can you make your own mayonez?

  21. Muhammad syaifullah

    2:45 what you get

  22. Haralambos Koupastian

    Old intro issssss back again!

  23. José María Redondas

    Onion doesnt belong to tortilla

  24. Anon ymus

    Well, I am not getting notifications again. Dang it youtube.

  25. Emergency Exit

    Comrade Boris I love your EU Travel Videos, but you must travel to Asia as well, there is a whole Continent near you with tasty food and good vibes that is ready to welcome you! Red Salute from a viewer who has been with you since 70k subs from India.


    Chernobyl rain water 😂

  27. Marcus Nikitopoulos-Schiavone

    we you need assignment with something 1:37

  28. Some Guy

    Ah yes, peyevedyez

  29. Roach DoggJR

    "Sometimes called the cuisine capital of the world." Yeah, by Spaniards and Spaniards alone.

  30. Daniel Toldi

    What's wrong with Hungarian flour? 😭

  31. BigotGaming

    remove random crits

  32. HectorMolinaGaliana

    Spaniard here, i am proud

  33. Percival Bayaona

    Du more vr videos like join other servers

  34. Wasp89 *

    Can I swap the meats with fish?


    he really did

  36. ToeMan

    What the cyka you can’t change intros and then change it back

  37. Jsk 14

    Month end is approaching. So do the recipes

  38. TheFusionFire

    Hey Boris, I wanna see you okay some CSGO. Please do it man, please please! I see people making videos of their matchmaking with Russians. But you're he Slav King, Blyat! Make the video , Cyka.

  39. yamakashiPL2

    and i know what i will have for dinner... potato, onion, doctor sausage cake :)

  40. Daemon fleX

    Hey hey hey it's not our fault that we have like 5 types of flour and you chose the wrong one..

  41. Luis Aldamiz

    You forgot sliced green bell pepper. It has onion, which is good, but only half good.

  42. Niels Thiry

    mayonez & potatoes, BFF's ^^

  43. ඞ

    who is fasting?

  44. Maciej Lubas

    I Love vr6 sound

  45. Jasiu

    Pls make "kotlety schabowe" This is Babush's best Polish dish P.s:Make with "mizeria" and "ziemniaczki"

  46. Mnoval Ramdhani

    Boris please make mozzarella cheese

  47. Mambe

    Kefir is tasty

  48. lxpminecraft

    Почему это старый и скучный автомобиль вы едете😒🚚

  49. Justablock

    Cheeki Breeki

  50. {Çõøpēř_ Ťřøøpęŕ}

    Video should have been called "defeating every вiтсн in warthunder*

  51. Thatoneguy Y

    The further into the video, the further into the chair

  52. jakub gadzala

    The sour cream was Polish man.

  53. Scorpwanna

    Anyone ever appreciated that Boris subtitles all this videos? The work involved in doing it is so awesome! I imagine in real life, when Boris talks subtitles form in front of him!

  54. SpeedyGunner45-YT


  55. LeeAzNath LamBoys

    2 face masks and gas mask on top? 😂😂😂

  56. Abel Tana

    here in argentina i dont drive something like that. blin

  57. Brok The Frog

    them: *talks about Spaniards probably cringing about the recipe* me who realized that the previous intro and outro music is back:

  58. Carter Hughes

    Boris's mind:I bin here for a half hour someone plz say something. people: this is weird watching boris pelling potatos.

  59. Naruto 1715

    Boris made better cheese than those Tasty idiots wasting gallons of milk

  60. Emin Ridjic


  61. Carter Hughes

    Do we all get boris is pelling potatos with a Russian combat knife

  62. CyberVirtual

    HAHA Jokes on you I quit college! I find it hilarious that I will be the 17,969th comment lol.

  63. **********

    Boris, you have done it again you mad slav genius you!

  64. Ghillie M.G.

    Ehat happens id you eat it before the 28 days?

  65. civil protection officer - 7819

    Damke iv breeki cheeki annu

  66. Carter Hughes

    134 potatos

    1. Carter Hughes


    2. Carter Hughes


    3. Carter Hughes


  67. Carter Hughes

    The company is going through a lot of pressure so we show boris Pell potatos

    1. Carter Hughes

      And smelling potatoes

    2. Carter Hughes

      Boris you got to do more than this

  68. CyberVirtual

    It Russia we don't have slaves we have Slavs. They only master of your existence is communism.

  69. Joseph Shaul

    I never realized Spanish food was so...bland. Where I come from, we make fun of Russians for lack of seasoning.

  70. Bosh Jurns

    gib shnak

  71. CyberVirtual

    Your so Russian to the point where you don't have license plates... dope!

  72. Roberto Castellanos

    gracias boris😎

  73. shuggy

    And as for measurments...: Normal Chefs: 100gr X, 1L Y,...... Chef Boris: yes

  74. jariojario99

    this video convinced me to build my own pc instead of buying a laptop. thanks boris

  75. A&J Productions

    1:04 Yes

  76. bouytt guyt

    my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

  77. Jordan Wong

    Linus Tech Tip but Russian

  78. onchamele

    2:35 hahááá😼

  79. Muhammad Yaasin

    Almost same with Biryani Rice from India

  80. soviet union

    What Poland I only see soviet russia!